What Is the Difference Between Excellence and Perfection?

Perfection is the desire to get results without any fault or defect, while excellence is a desire for high quality end products or service as a way of exhibiting first-class quality.

But you will agree with me that there is nothing like being perfect, so do not waste your time striving for perfection, other wise you will get no where. Strive for excellence, the more mistakes you make the more excellent you become and the more successful.

For example, I have a friend who has a diploma in website developing and software development from a respected institute in my country, I my self I have never attended a website designing class, in fact my level of education is Level 6 [ Secondary 6 ], I stopped here because I felt I had enough to get rich. This friend of mine holds a nice job with an IT company but his income is very low, but his really smatter than me in terms of IT and he always strives for perfection, but the time he spends on being perfect at his work place earns him the same paycheck at the end of the month. He only knows one Job because his only perfect in that job, so to change to another niche it will mean that he has to be perfect which takes time.

Now comes excellence, I created my first website in 2008 using Microsoft Word, this same friend of mine gave me a full package of Dreamweaver, I learnt this program with in one week because I was looking for excellence not perfection, with time I started creating nice looking websites e.g YOSAKI.COM, and I decided to start a website designing firm at home creating simple HTML website for $250 including hosting. But each month I can make between $1000 – $1250 which is very okay, my clients market my services and I make more money, and get better with time.


If you compare me with my friend who has a nice job, quality education, perfect work but his paycheck never changes and me who tries out any thing until I’m excellent who is better, That is your question to answer.


This post explains why most educated people are never the richest people, because they are trained to be perfect, never to make mistakes. They base their success on marks [90%] perfect students. They fear making mistakes and trying aging to become excellent.

Never stop trying until you’re excellent in your niche.

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