The Importance Of Continuing Education

It’s a fast moving world out there, and I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon. Technology that was cutting edge just a year or so ago may now be completely outdated today. It is the savvy entrepreneur in any field who can adapt and keep up who will reap the greatest amount of success.

This is especially true for those striving to build their online business. Marketing on the web is an ever changing and evolving environment, and in order to survive and prosper it is vital that today’s marketer keep abreast of today’s technologies and marketing techniques. What worked very well for you last year may not work at all today.

I have found that it is vital to include continuing education as part of my daily internet marketing routine. The trick here is to maintain a balance. It can be very easy to find yourself spending too much of your time educating yourself each day, and not enough time implementing what you have learned to build your business. This can be very detrimental, as you do want to spend a good majority of your time actually applying the techniques that you have learned. Otherwise you will never make any money. However, it can be equally detrimental if you are attempting to market using yesterday’s techniques and not staying abreast of what the most successful marketers out there are doing.

This leads into the question of all of the e-books, audios, and videos that are being offered by all of the so called marketing “gurus” out there. It seems that everyday my inbox is crammed full of at least fifty offers for different marketing education courses. These can range in price from anywhere between $7.00 – several hundred dollars. I am often asked if these courses are worth the money?” My answer is……it depends. There are some very good courses out there, this is true, and they will teach you some very good information on how to properly market your internet business. However, it has been my experience that more often that not these courses simply contain the same information that has been rehashed many times over, and worse that that, often times the techniques taught are simply outdated. This defeats the purpose of educating yourself in the first place. I generally check to see if they offer any type of money back guarantee in the event that I feel the education is not what was promised in the sales letter. Most of the reputable sellers do offer a money back guarantee these days. However, there is another way to look at online education courses as well. That is, if I can learn just ONE NEW THING from the course that I didn’t previously know, the knowledge learned can often be worth multiple times what I paid for the course.

Because of the attitude listed above I do feel that it is worth the risk to purchase some of these courses, but I am very careful to research them before I purchase. You can find information on nearly any product in online forums before you make any purchase.

Finally, I have found that the single most important source of education in building your internet business is in finding a personal coach who already has the success that you have been looking for. Before joining any program or MLM take time to interview your sponsor to find out if they have a team training program and system in place that you can tap into. Verify that he/she is willing to give you the one on one attention that you need. One on one attention from your mentor will dramatically speed up your learning curve and can save you thousands of dollars as well. Best of luck with your own online business!

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